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Skinnylicious Cooking 2015 Review – Is Flavia Del Monte’s Cookbook Worth It?

A week or two ago I was able to get early access to Flavia Del Monte’s new digital cookbook, Skinnylicious Cooking. I’ve been going through her detailed cookbook since I got access to it and now I feel comfortable in sharing my detailed review.

The purpose of this review isn’t to convince you to buy it or that it’s the best product on the planet because I can’t make that claim. My goal with this Skinnylicious Cooking review is to give you all the information you need to know to make a informed decision.

Just because a new product is released doesn’t mean it’s for everyone! So the key is to review the information and then determine if it fits with your goal. So with all of that said let’s dive in to this review.

What Exactly Is Skinnylicious Cooking?

Skinnylicious Cooking Review

As I mentioned earlier Skinnylicious Cooking is a digital cookbook released by Flavia Del Monte. In case you never heard of her before, which would be shocking. Flavia is a highly respected and well known fitness and nutrtion expert! She’s a nurse, a mother and a wife!

She has a popular website geared toward helping women become the best versions of themselves possible and she is also the author of a number of best selling fitness courses for women. She’s been featured in Women’s Health magazine as well as Oxygen.

Skinnylicious Cooking is something completely different for Flavia because it isn’t a workout program. It’s something new and unique for her and for her first attempt at a cookbook she nailed it!
Every single recipe featured in this cookbook are from Flavia’s own kitchen! She has tried and tasted every single one and these foods are the reason she lost 15 pounds after giving birth to her daughter recently.

Flavia didn’t start off a great cook, but she invested time and money and hired a personal chef to help her and train her. So these recipes are a combination of Flavia’s nutrition knowledge and experience and her personal chef’s skills at crafting amazing, delicious food.

Skinnylicious Cooking Recipies

What Do You Get With Skinnylicious Cooking

In this part of my Skinnylicious Cooking review I want to discuss what you get with Flavia’s program. The main part of this program is the actual cookbook. Flavia Del Monte’s cookbook has over 150 delicious, fat burning and healthy recipes which are gluten free, wheat free, soy free, diary free, paleo and allergy friendly!

So this is perfect for those of you who need to avoid any of the items above. The cookbook is huge and has over 370 pages! Skinnylicious Cooking is broken down into a number of different categories.
The book starts with a intro which I honestly felt was some of the best material in the book. Flavia Del Monte breaks down how to prep your kitchen, organize it, what to keep stocked, how to avoid certain foods which aren’t good for you, alteratives to certain ingredients and much more.

I’m not a skilled cook by any means so I really enjoyed this sort of intro. It put me at ease and made me feel like this could easily be done, which it could because all of the recipes are really simple and easy with the step by step instructions.

The recipes in the book are broken down by
  • Breakfast
  • Dressings, Sauces And Rubs
  • Appertizers and Sides
  • Soups & Salads
  • Main Courses
  • Desserts
  • Shakes

Each recipe features detailed step by step instructions as I mentioned earlier, beautiful photos of the prepared dished, ingredient list, prep time, cooking time, nutrition stats and a personal cooking tip directly from Flavia herself.

Literally everything you need to shop for the meal, prep for the meal and cook the meal!

I would be lying if I didn’t say my favorite part of the book were the desserts! I swear when you see the recipes in this book you’re going to think that it isn’t possible for these to be healthy, but I promise you they are!

Skinnylicious Cooking Review

Skinnylicious Cooking is basically wall to wall recipes and the quality of this digital cookbook rivals most physical cookbooks, but at the same time their is a simplicity to this cookbook.

I love the digital aspect because I can load it right on my Ipad or Iphone and keep it close while I’m in the kitchen. So with all of that being said let’s move on with this Skinnylicious Cooking review.

Skinnylicious Cooking Bonuses

In this part of the review I want to talk about the additional programs you get when you purchase Flavia Del Monte’s Skinnylicious Cooking Cookbook.

You would think a 370 page plus cookbook would be enough, but Flavia likes to overdeliever. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. When you purchase Flavia’s cookbook you also get a few bonus programs. Let’s take a look at the bonuses.

Bonus #1 Recipe Quick Sheets

These are perfect if you enjoy having physical recipes. The recipe quick sheets allow you to print out the recipes so you can have access to them in a physical manner. This way you can take this digital cookbook and make it a physical cookbook. These are really handle in my opinion.

Bonus #2 Grocery Lists

It would be pretty hard to cook if you didn’t buy groceries right? Well Flavia gots you covered. These grocery list have everything you need including the ingredients. This way you can prep ahead of time so you’re not waiting to the last minute.

Skinnylicious Cooking

Bonus #3 The 3-Day Delicious Diet

Flavia makes a pretty big claim and that claim is that if you follow her one simple rule you can lose the most fat you’ve ever lost in just 3 days! I know, it seems out there, but if anyone can back up their talk with action Flavia can. So what is this one simple rule Flavia was talking about?
Carb Manipulation

I could go into detail and research papers about Carb Manipulation, but that’s beyond the scope of this Skinnylicious Cooking review. There is plenty of research and science to back her up though. Oh and did I mention that the food needed for carb manipulation are the same recipes from her cookbook? Makes sense right?

Bonus #4 How To Cook 15 Meals In 50 Minutes

This is a great bonus and the title may scare some of you off! How is possible to cook 15 meals in 50 minutes? Let me just tell you it is and my wife and I are planning this for the weekend!
We’re stocking up on all the ingredients now! In this bonus Flavia teams up with Amy, a professional chef which hails from Toronto and they join forces in this cool video.
If you’re a family who enjoys doing things together this could be a really fun and tasty activity to do! To clarify this bonus is a video so you get to watch them step by step!

A Inside Look At Skinnylicious Cooking

So now you know exactly what you get with Skinnylicious Cooking. I wish I could show you the entire book because it’s just that beautiful, but since I can’t show you the whole book I’ve made a mini video review.

The video is basically saying the same things I’ve said in this review, but in the video I actually show you some of the actual cookbook! I share some the pictures, a few recipes and just a inside sort of look at Flavia Del Monte’s cooking project. I start showing the inside of the book around the 3:53 mark!.

My Skinnylicious Cooking Review Conclusion

Skinnylicious Cooking takes the idea of cooking healthy, great tasting recipes which can seem scary to some new chefs and makes it super simple!

I have a feeling Skinnylicious Cooking could make every other digital cookbook up their game because Flavia just put so much work and energy into this product.

I’ve made a few recipes from it so far, The oat cakes are amazing! I have a hard time cooking eggs lmao and I was able to make these recipes with ease. I just followed her instructions and I was able to have a great tasting, healthy, fat burning meal in no time!

Flavia Del Monte Skinnylicious Cooking

Skinnylicious Cooking Recipes

I’m coming to the end of this Skinnylicious Cooking review and while I can’t know for sure if this is what you’re looking for I can say without a doubt it’s a great product!

If you’re someone who enjoys cooking or just wants to learn then this cookbook is perfect for you! Especially if you’re looking to eat a little healthier, but don’t want to lose out on flavor!

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. If you’re interested in purchasing Skinnylicious Cooking it’s currently on SALE and can be found at Flavia’s official website.

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